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Organic Quinoa Flakes

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Wildly International™ Organic Quinoa Flakes are easy to digest and are naturally gluten-free.  Similar in resemblance to rolled outs, quinoa flakes are flat, beige in colour and offer a mild flavour.  A perfect alternative for the use of rolled oats in your baking and morning oats! 

Health benefits of Wildly International™ Organic Quinoa Flakes:

  • Complete protein
  • Low in fat
  • Great source of fibre and iron
  • Cholesterol free

 Wildly International Tips:

  • Try chopping a handful and adding to your next homemade pizza for an exotic twist!
  • Try in place of rolled oats in the morning topped with Wildly Canadian™ Pure Non-pasteurized Honey or Maple Syrup
  • Try in your favourite banana bread recipe for a more healthier (and gluten-free!) version

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